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2018 Goals

#1: Develop more recreational walking and biking opportunities within the Town

  • Having received the Recreational Trails Program grant and completed the preliminary work, assist the project consultant (Kieser Consulting) in the bidding, construction and closeout process of a recreational trail with a trailhead at the Community Center and access from Lions Street.

  • Develop a better plan for the “Around the Town” virtual trail (holdover from 2017) and start developing a plan for the Kokomo to Russiaville Trail.

#2: Continue Town Park rehabilitation

  • Based on the playground inspection from 2016 and improvements in 2017, continue to upgrade park equipment and remove problem items.

#3: Develop a plan and funding for a new ADA compliant playground and pavilion at the Community Center Park serving both youth and seniors.

  • Based on a projected 2019 construction timeframe, seek out community partners for fund raisers, investigate and apply for grants.

#4: Complete additional tree and flower planting around the Town

  • Plant trees along Railroad Street. This is contingent upon approval of the land use agreement with Norfolk Southern (holdover from the 2016 and 2017 plans).

#5: Work with community partners to increase quality of life efforts in the Town

  • Meet with the Howard County Recycling District to investigate and initiate possible projects (e.g. the acquisition of benches made from recycled materials for the recreational trail and the acquisition and distribution of recyclable leaf and yard waste bags).

  • Meet with representatives of Western Schools to seek out opportunities for more cooperative efforts with the town.

The costs for these projects can be supplied from multiple sources: appropriations, gifts, grants, Gene Parks Fund, as well as volunteer labor and private donations.

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